All Students Can Think; All Students Can Write!

JSPW OnLine is a web-based application of the Jane Schaffer®
Writing Process. The program has many applications for educators and

For Teachers

Present the JSWP method digitally.
Build and Save your model paragraphs and essays. The program stores your work in a teacher’s portal.
Create student accounts. Your students can submit their writing
to you, and you can assess their writing, comment on it, and return it
to them. No more bags of essays!

For Students

Build a paragraph or an essay and submit it to your teacher.
Keep all of your paragraphs and essays in the student portfolio section.

For Parents

Access your child’s portfolio and observe his/her progress.

For Administrators

Each year, students can be assigned to teachers, and the students’ portfolios of paragraphs and essays follow them.

For IT Professionals

SSO Capability